Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Saturday Part 1

We had a fun filled Saturday.

First, we attended a cook-off at Kevin's work.

When we worked together at the College Station location, we were on a cook-off team and have funny memories of cutting tons of onions for our fajitas. The onions were being cut in the kitchen and we were crying in the living room.

The Houston cook-off was fun because there were lots of games for the kids. Caroline liked throwing bean bags in the Flinstone themed booth for Kevin's department. Another fun theme was Mario Bros. They even had a box that you could jump up and hit with your head (pinata style) and coins and candy fell off the top.

Caroline had her first taste of cotton candy, but wasn't too wild about it. She also got to decorate a cookie and made a perfect face out of candies on it.