Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SAHD pics

We get lots of fun pictures on Stay At Home Day. Here's from last week (9/2/09).

Picnic fun in Caroline's room. (Notice Caroline's legs in the background.)

It's so funny when Caroline immitate's Charlotte so she can be in a picture too.

This is me letting Caroline attempt to take a picture.

She took one of "her guys" too. (I deleted dozens of other "pictures.")

You gotta love this face. I just can't stop taking pictures of Charlotte. I may not take them as often as I did with Caroline, but when I take them, I take a lot! Notice, she's sitting by herself (9/2/09 - another one for the babybook).

Charlotte loves cups. Any kind of cup. She often reaches for Kevin's insulated work mug at the dinner table.


Mom said...

Looks like there's nothing "sad" about SAHD. You guys are having fun...that's for sure. I'm having fun just looking at the pictures. My favorite is Charlotte and Caroline biting plates. Before long, it will be Charlotte tagging along imitating Caroline's every move, mannerism,and action (and sometimes annoying big sister in the process).