Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Anyone out there know of a good preschool Bible workbook?

I just started doing an ABC workbook (from the Target $1 bin) with Caroline. We are doing two letters a day (I'm only on day 2, so don't be too impressed with me yet) and she is learning the lowercase letters (I think the uppercase were so much easier to teach), sounds, and tracing the letters.

Anyway, I wish I had something that just had a page to do each day for a Bible lesson, instead of me searching the internet for a coloring page - and usually finding very sub par illustrations. I have a Bible coloring book that I got at Wal-mart, but there aren't scripture references and I'm a little lost as to what Bible story some of the pictures go with.

Does such a thing exist as a Bible workbook?


Sarah said...

try Mardel's. Have you been there? Since they have "Christian" stuff and education stuff, I'll bet they'd have something like that.

Becky Perez said...

I have been doing the "cubbies" workbook with Reece. There is a story, scripture memory verse and then some activity ideas. It is from awanas. Daniel's grandmother bought it for us at her church since they have awanas there. You could look at it or make copies. I had a hard time finding it. It's nice b/c it gives you structure for the week, but there are't too many activity ideas. I find myself thinking of them to go with the verses. Like, one week was the verse "all He made was very good" so we cut out pics of magazines of all the things God made, then we made a "self portrait" of Reece because God made her. Anyway, just an idea, but not exactly what you were asking for.