Monday, September 28, 2009

Plant project

Did anyone else's kid bring home a planted radish seed from Sunday School this week?
I noticed that our's has already sprouted after Caroline went to bed. I'm shocked it happened so fast. I would have had her look at it today if I hadn't through it would still be a cup of dirt.

Anyway, here are two pages with plant life stuff:

I don't do science stuff with Caroline very often, but we learned about growing things during Earth day and we are going to review it again this week.


Mom said...

Um...Pumpkin...all the trips to the zoo, the park, neighborhood walks, children's museums, trips to the beach, playing in the pool, playing with bubbles, fingerpainting, playing at the sand table, helping prepare food in the kitchen, your garden, etc. are preschool science. Caroline is gathering all sorts of important information about our world and storing it away so that when formal science instruction begins, she'll understand so much better than children who don't have the benefit of this kind of parenting. Trust are "teaching" science:)
Mom (the teacher)