Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some random things...

First, thanks to everyone that prayed for Charlotte while I had to be at a MOPS planning retreat on Saturday. She took her first bottle so well, that I ended up deciding to stay for the entire meeting. She had to take formula in her second bottle, which she turned her nose up at, so Kevin gave her rice cereal instead. I have such a wonderful husband to care for the girls all day and even after I got home - I was so exhausted!

Now onto some fun stuff...

Caroline's imagination is growing in leaps and bounds the last couple weeks. We pretend with invisible food all the time but now other things are pretend. She handed me an imaginary turtle to put in my purse at Kroger last week. And today at naptime, she had made me an imaginary necklace that she "picked up" off of her nightstand (she had made a necklace during Sunday school).

Caroline's stuffed Disney animals all have alternate personalities. Daisy is her cousin Jenna. Goofy is her cousin Brent (who sometimes poops in her bed during naptime since she overheard mommy and grandma discussing potty training issues). Wags is her friend Henry. Minnie is Grandma. Mickey is Caroline. Pluto is baby Mickey. And Elmo is her friend Abby.

When we brush Caroline's bangs to the side, she is apparently no longer Caroline. She says she is Henry. And then she asks to be Caroline again, and we have to brush her bangs straight down.

We gave up her bedtime pull-ups this week and have had two accidents. One occurred the night that Kevin let her try hot sauce (need to upload that video). Needless to say, she drank a lot of water at dinner that night, so it wasn't really her fault.

Caroline sang the ABC's in the car on the way to church. She was in an endless loop (that term takes me back to high school computer class) because every time she'd get to "Now I know my ABC's" she'd keep going with "DEF..." again.