Friday, August 7, 2009

Charlotte's playgroup

The babies are finally getting to join in on the playgroup fun this week.

Charlotte: "Hi, Adah Joy. Thank you for coming to my house."
Adah Joy: "Thank you for having me and sharing your quilt."

Charlotte: "What do you think the big kids are doing in Caroline's room?"
Adah Joy: "Making a lot of noise and a big mess. Good thing we are too young to help clean up."
Charlotte: "I wish Lizzie was big enough to play."

Charlotte: "Look at my dolly. She's my favorite."
Adah Joy: "I like your ICU duck. It's very tasty."


thomasandjamie said...

Love this! They are so cute playing together!!

Lisa H. said...

Did Adah Joy just move to your area from Tyler? I think her mom & I were in MOPS last year. :)

Margaret said...

Yes, they came from Tyler. We are so happy to have them here.