Saturday, August 29, 2009

And there she goes

Well, the baby gates are closing in this household again. Charlotte is rolling.

She had been rolling front to back for awhile, but two weeks ago (8/14/09 for her baby book), she rolled back to front. It's funny because she did it the day after I was commenting to a friend that I felt she was behind some of my friends' same age babies in doing so. And my friend, being more seasoned of a mom than me, told me to stop comparing and that every baby is different.

And then on monday (8/24/09) she started doing sequential rolls. She rolled from the middle of Caroline's room to the bookshelf.

Look mom, I'm stuck.

Then she rolled...

... all the way to the nursery door.
She was telling me she needed a diaper change - FYI.


Carrie S. said...

I was just telling Stephen today that Z is showing no interest in rolling. He did for the camera that one time, and hasn't done it since. Oh well, he's easier to keep track of this way! lol.