Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some more photos from this week...

We had two days when we all cuddled and read books in Caroline's bed after naptime. It's so fun to see the girls laying in bed together.

Charlotte has been grabbing toys off of her blanket this week... instead of just playing with the ones I hold out in front of her. Sometimes it seems so magical because she'll be holding a toy and I have no idea how she managed to get a hold of it.

We watched Elmo's World one morning this week. Caroline ran into her room and go her Elmo doll and came rushing back to the loft saying "That's you Elmo. Look! Elmo, that's you." Notice how Elmo and Mickey are tucked in on the couch.

We were listening to a song by Go Fish called "Hit the drum." Caroline dragged a big, tin bucket (that we got as a gift basket for Charlotte) and got the mallets from her piano/xylophone and began playing.

Charlotte tollerated all the racket pretty well. I did eventually stuff the bucket full of a blanket to dampen the noise.