Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just so

I don't know if I've ever blogged about how Caroline likes to have things "just so." I'm often saying she is OCD. But really, I don't think it's that bad. And really, I'm partly to blame because of all of my household routines and clean-up rules.

A few examples...

- All of Caroline's play toys live in her closet. During one bedtime routine a single toy was still out sitting on the floor. We could not start her story until it was put away.

- This weekend, Kevin had emptied the bathroom trashcan of we Pull-Ups. He had neglected to put a new trashbag in. When Caroline discovered it, she came unglued. Seriously folks, she was distraught. We didn't want to give in, so we talked through the fact that it was Ok and we'd put one in later.

- Something new this month is that Caroline wants us to wait while she goes down the stairs. Sometimes she wants to hold hands, but others she'll say "no, wait." And I wait at the top of the stairs until she gets to the bottom and then it's my turn. I guess it's a good way to talk about taking turns and I'm just so glad she isn't taking forever going up and down the stairs like she used to.

- Caroline also likes putting things in line. I'm pretty sure this is a universal toddler experiment. Today, she put all ten of her fishies from her magnetic fishing puzzle in a line and told me they were "friends." She also has a puzzle with nine doors that open and have a corresponding magnetic piece that goes inside. She took all the pieces out and closed the doors. She started putting them back inside and then changed her mind. She took those couple out again. Opened all the doors... I guess she thought this was more efficient, and then proceeded to check the door fronts and then match up the pieces.

- Here's Caroline building a wall from last week. She built a wall two blocks high while I was making our lunch. It was totally unprompted. Just her idea to entertain herself. Then when she was finished, she put them all neatly back on her wagon.

- Oh, and last one. She has a castle with three cannon balls, which we call rocks. One is missing and she noticed right away and put her hands on her face (picture Home Alone) and told me.