Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Eve

Caroline had her first "sleepover" on New Years Eve.

We hosted about five or six families and we put all the kids to bed in the various rooms of our house. The babies did a little better going to bed. Caroline didn't want to sleep in her bed, but on the mattress on the floor with Addison. So, we put the girls "to bed" at 9 pm (an hour later than normal for Caroline) and the girls proceeded to talk and play for over an hour (that's when her family left).

Really, it was totally fine. The mommies got to visit and have adult conversation. As long as the girls were in there behaving, we were totally fine that they were not asleep.

We checked on them several times and they were always on the mattress... however their book collection grew throughout the evening.

I snapped this photo as soon as I opened the door at one point (which is why it's out of focus).