Monday, January 12, 2009

Any advice?

Does anyone want to share what they do when their toddler wakes up at 2:30 am and thinks it's daytime?

I know when Caroline was a baby and still in a crib, we'd just ignore her and she'd fall back asleep pretty quickly. But now that she's in a big girl bed and can turn on her reading light, sleep music, and read her books, she's less inclined to go back to sleep. She does stay in her room and in her bed. I guess if we didn't have the monitor on, we'd never know she was awake.

Do I just ignore her and let her read books? (Which she'd be content to do for over an hour.)
Do I intervene and try to get her to go back to sleep?

I know that eventually I can teach her that the sun isn't up. But I think she's probably a bit young for that, plus, being winter, it's still pretty dark when she gets up at 7 am anyway.


Marianne said...

Ask Sarah Mc for advice on this because she experiences this with her boy. I heard of a clock that shows day and night. I think this is something similar to what I saw Have fun!

Sarah said...

I wish I could help. Well, I don't really wish I could, because that would mean I'd have gone through it :) Let me know what you figure out that works :)I have a feeling Jack will be like that!

cristina said...

is she cranky during the day? if so, i'd push the issue and make sure she doesn't do daytime activities. some friends of ours put a lamp on a timer--girls weren't allowed out of bed 'til the lamp came on.

Jon & Sally said...

Just wanted to pop in and get details on the play date on Thursday. I tried to call you today, but apparently the number's wrong!

Could you email me and fill me in?? Or commenting on the blog is fine too!

Sorry about being in such a hurry on Sunday, I was trying to balance two kiddos!!

Can't wait!!

Carrie said...

Well, obviously I am not a mom, yet, but I think I would just let her be, if she is still staying in bed. If you go in and try to get her to go back to bed, she will figure out if she waits long enough, then you guys will come in after her, and maybe she will think it's playtime, then. ?? She probably will just play until she falls back asleep, I would imagine. Good luck!