Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lesson Plans

Last week our small group met with a Christian couple that is further along their parenting journey. Something the mom said inspired me. She has a teaching background and made lesson plans for a weekly outing that they did the entire year before her oldest started school.

I'm not a teacher, but I am a planner, so I decided to make "lesson plans" for Caroline's craft activities this month. We did a few crafts outside of the normal coloring book stuff for Halloween. I'm venturing out a little bit more this month to try and teach her the real meaning behind this coming holiday season.

This week we will do two cornucopia activities.
One is a coloring sheet and I wrote I Tim 6:17 on it.
For the other, I'm going to cut fruit and vegetables from my grocery store ads and let her glue stick them on a brown sheet of construction paper with Acts 14:17 on it.

(You can go to Google and click on the Images section in the top right. Then type any word (ex: cornucopia) and then the word "coloring" and find just about any coloring page you can think of).

I haven't found my verses yet for the next two weeks, but we'll be doing a week of turkeys with the ten little turkeys song which I counted out 10 turkey stickers for a craft project and then a week of pilgrims and indians (stressing sharing and friendship) and of course including ten little indians.

All month long, we are building a chain of things we are thankful for. I cut yellow, brown, and orange strips and after I write hers, mine, and sometimes Kevin's, I let her color hers with the ink pen (a special treat) and then we staple them together.


Lisa H. said...

I do this too! But I stick with one Bible verse a week, to give the bigger kids a bit more time with it.

I also made this Thankful tree with the kids. Each leaf has something we're thankful for this year. (It's much cuter now, in a terracotta pot with moss at the bottom.) After the season is over, I take the papers off and scrapbook them.

Marianne said...

I love your ideas for teaching Caroline. You are just a great mom!

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing all your great ideas with us. For some reason I don't think of things like this on my own. I'm glad you do!