Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday pictures

Caroline got to open one present on Friday (her official birthday).
She got new paints and an Elmo shirt... among some other things.
Now on to the big party.

She opened all of her presents. This is the first time I've really seen her into it.

She did pretty good at letting me stack the new presents up so she could open another package.

Playing with her cousins while waiting for lunch... mac 'n cheese.

Elmo cake! I had a blue coconut Cookie Monster cake when I turned 1, so a red coconut Elmo cake is only fitting for Caroline's 2nd birthday.

Family picture.

Ready, set, blow.

Much neater at eating cake this year.


mindy said...

Great pictures! Looked like fun!

Sarah said...

This reminds me. We have a small gift for Caroline. I'll try to remember it on Sunday. And, did I see a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? We'll be right over to play......