Monday, September 22, 2008

This and That

Thought I'd update on a few things.

The update on the job front for Kevin is - there's no update. With the hurricane and everything, we were a little stalled out last week. Kevin's resume is ready to go and we are waiting for the agency contracted by his old job to help him in his job search to look over it. We'd hate to send it out and then find out it could have been better (although, I can't imagine what could be better - Kevin did an amazing job on it). So, tomorrow Kevin is going to an orientation at the agency and hopefully the ball will be rolling after that.

Our hurricane recovery update is that we've gotten most of our yard debris removed and taken to a collection/mulch site within our neighborhood. Our neighbor let us put some stuff in her truck and then she collected most of our other neighbors' stuff... our street hardly looks like a hurricane hit it. We still have the big stumps and some raking to do - you wouldn't believe the pine cones laying around. Everyone is getting pine cone crafts for Christmas - just kidding.

We have noticed a roof leak. It is causing some ceiling damage but must be small enough to not actually drip water onto our floor and furniture. So in a month, we'll get to meet with our insurance adjuster.

Caroline's update is that she is well on her way to being two. I'm really struggling lately to be patient while still being consistent to discipline this new personality that I'm seeing. She can count to ten. Kevin is teaching her what the advertising world thinks of animals. She now knows that the duck says "Aflac," the dog says "bacon," and the cow says "(eat) more chicken." What will her pre-school think?! I feel like she's regressed a little with potty training this week, but I'm still enjoying the fact that I'm changing less poopy diapers - that makes it all worthwhile (sometimes). A sweet thing she's been doing lately is offering Kevin and me parts of her meal. She breaks off a piece of her cheese and puts a piece by Kevin and a piece by me at the table. We aren't sure where this has come from but it sure is sweet that she's spontaneously sharing.


Kristin Barnett said...

Ok, it's my turn to nag. Where are the belly photos?? I know you aren't that far along yet, but still. I'm impatient here! :)

Glad you guys are doing well!

Dananana said...

I'm glad you guys are ok. I went to College Station too, and just got back today! I was going to call you guys to check in on you and realized that I don't have your number anymore in my new phone!
I got power last week on Wednesday, but I'm still out of school til Wednesday! I'm getting a little stir crazy! I'm glad that the house was ok and that that tree was the only thing major you guys lost. My apartment was ok... but the people across the parking lot lost a chimney!
I can't believe Caroline is so big! I keep up to date with your blog... and watch her grow up! I'm glad that she's counting to 10! She's going to be the smartest in her class when she gets to school! =)
I miss you guys!