Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Well, first off... Friday was Kevin's last day to go into the office. Yay!! He's still technically employeed until October 1st, but now he can start dedicating all his time to looking for a job to start in October.

We spent Labor Day weekend in Tyler with my parents, my brother, and his kids. It was a great weekend with a trip to the Tyler zoo and visits with my aunts' families that I rarely get to see.
The only downer was that Caroline and I were sick.

Caroline came down with a cold on Thursday and by Friday night, I was starting to feel it too. Caroline has been a real trouper - playing and smiling like a champ all weekend. My cold turned into a sinus infection and I paged the person on call for my OB on Sunday in desperation and pleaded my case for antibiotics. Yay for Z-pac and Wal-greens!!

We fled from Tyler on Monday afternoon, earlier than planned : ( so we could beat the rains and winds they were about to get from Gustav. Not a drop in Houston to report.

Caroline and I are still on the mend. I have an appointment set up for her tomorrow since it will be day 7 and I want to make sure she doesn't have an infection setting in. I have an OB checkup for myself on Thursday. We both want to be well for our MOPS kickoff carnival on Friday.

It's been a blessing that Kevin is already off this week to pick up my slack. Maybe he'll get one more week before the job search begins.


Sarah said...

I hope you guys feel better soon!!! Yay for Kevin being home. We'll be praying for an awesome job.