Monday, September 8, 2008

Handsome man

Well, I came home from MOPS on Friday to find Kevin in a dress shirt and slacks, wearing an apron, cooking macaroni and cheese for Caroline and me. Is anything more handsome than that!!!???

Since Caroline and I were gone for the morning to our MOPS kick-off carnival, Kevin decided to get in the right frame of mind to work on his resume by dressing for work. Well, it worked. His resume sounds amazing!! In the words of my mom... "I'd hire him."

A little finishing touches and revisions and he should be sending it out to people this week. Yay! I'm trying my best to not pester him about this whole job search thing, but I don't know if I'm succeeding.

Oh, and to explain the apron. I called as we were leaving MOPS and Kevin offered to start our lunch. Mac 'n cheese is my new lunch rut with Caroline, so that's what we ordered.