Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good fences make good neighbors

When we were in town assessing damage on Tuesday, our neighbor was outside and we talked about our fence. She mentioned that her fiance was going to prop it up but didn't have any 2x4s. Kevin didn't hesitate and he pulled all our spare 2x4s out of the shed and left them in case they got motivated before we came back (which ended up being Wednesday when power was restored).

We love our neighbors... they propped the fence and even nailed in the 2x4s. For having no in-ground posts left, I think great prop job will do for awhile.

Here's the before and after of the fence and our other clean-up.


AFTER: (I also gave our patio a good cleaning today with some mildew spray and cleaned up Caroline's sand table.)

BEFORE: (I don't think I showed the broken limbs along our back fence in my last post. We have two fences behind our house since the neighborhood behind us is newer and part of another development. We have a tree that grows between the fences.)

AFTER: (I did all the work on this myself while Kevin was working on the root ball. I'm quite proud. We are planning on demo-ing the fence and just using the one behind it. It's really old and we might as well take advantage of the debris pick-up.)

BEFORE: (We made a lot of progress on the root ball today.)

AFTER: (We just pick away with a hoe and shovel, then cut any exposed roots, and start again. The dirt is filling in the hole quite nicely. I was worried we'd end up with a big sink hole in the yard. We plan to plant a new pine tree later and name it Dwight (as in "Ike" Eisenhower).)