Friday, September 26, 2008

Big things

Caroline is moving right along becoming a "big girl."

First, she is taller than the original door I cut on her wardrobe box "house" two months ago. I guess I'm going to have to add a transom (window) over the door. My friends, someone that recognizes us at the library, and several nursery workers have commented on how tall she is. I guess we'll have to see what her stat is when we go for her checkup next month.

Second, she is sleeping in a big girl bed. We've been working on getting her room ready and we were moving around the twin bed in the nursery. Since we just got the bed rail, we played around setting it up on a whim and let Caroline take her nap in the bed. Of course, now she won't go back in the crib. So, we are on day four (or five) of the big girl bed. I think it only took spanks the first two days, and she knows not to get out. And miraculously, she's sitting in bed when I go get her up. She also just started to call out "mommy" when she wakes up. Caroline's usually a crier when she wakes up (which I'd hoped she'd outgrow by now, but I guess she's just cranky when she wakes up).

Finally, when we went to MOPS today, they had moved her out of the nursery wing and into the tot dock (she'll still be in nursery 4 on Sundays). She came home with her first color page AND got to go outside to play. She was still outside when I went to pick her up, so I stood back and watched her wander around. It was a little strange to watch her in a crowd of over a dozen other kids with only a couple adults. She looked so independent, while at the still time a little overwhelmed by all the people. She didn't get near the crowded playset in the couple minutes I spied.