Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture Post

So, I'm catching up on posting pictures while Kevin is watching Monday Night Football.

Here's one from two weekends ago. Since we've been pregnant, Kevin has been taking on morning duty when Caroline wakes up at 7 am. They hang out for 30 minutes and watch Curious George. Then he brings her downstairs, gets her started on breakfast, and wakes me up before he starts getting ready for work. I know... isn't he the best!!! Anyway, last Saturday, I heard them get up, but it was awfully quiet. About 8:30 am, I dragged myself out of bed and found them sleeping on the couch. I can't believe Caroline cuddled up and went back to bed for over an hour. It was so sweet.

Look familiar? She's three days old here.

Kevin finally has a Wii. Here's Caroline working on her putting skills.

Here's Caroline before church on Sunday. She has two really cute pigtails.

This is dinner on Sunday. I was eating a bagel with cream cheese (hey, I'm pregnant) and I gave her a piece. She got the cream cheese all over her top lip, like a milk mustache.

This picture is from today. We got some second hand Elmo slippers on Sunday. Caroline loves Elmo!! She probably wore these slippers for a sum total of two hours today. I was worried she'd trip in them, but she toodles around just fine and can even do the stairs in them. Thanks Cristina!!

On to other updates.

Potty training is progressing. Caroline pee'd in the potty at least four times today. And she's pooped in the potty at least five times over the past week. I started using Pull Ups today and it's so much easier to have her step into them, than moving her somewhere to lay down for a diaper.

Kevin had some excellent, four day, training last week from an outside HR related company regarding resumes, networking, and marketing plans. We both learned several things that we didn't know that I feel will help him as he's applying for new jobs. This week, he's working on his resume and doing some IT related certifications online during slow periods at work.

Baby two and I are doing good. The major nausea has passed, but I'm still battling some stomach issues. I got sick twice last week... once at Wal-mart. One for the baby book ; )


Sarah said...

Cute post. Hey, how do you get the pics to post in between the words? I can only get them to appear at the top of the post.