Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Out of her shell?

First some background because some of my blog readers that aren't family or part of our playgroup, may not know how shy Caroline can be. Shyness is pretty normal for kids, but compared to some of her playmates, I'm sure all my mom friends would agree that Caroline is one of the shyest. I'm not surprised at all. She's exactly how I was as a child.

I'll give you an example. We have playgroup for two hours, every week, with the same group of about a dozen families - we never all make it at once. Anyway, Caroline pretty much sits in my lap for the first hour and a half before she'll finally warm up and start playing with the others. And this is when playgroup is in OUR HOUSE - our living room - with our toys. She's the same at the library storytime. I can't get her out of my lap to help her dance to the same songs that were her favorite when we started going a year ago.

Anyway, I think Caroline is finally coming out of her shell. We played with three sets of people last week and Caroline warmed up right away on each occassion. At playgroup, she was even leaving the room that I was in to ask me to get a toy or take her to another area to play.

We also took her to McDonalds for ice cream last Friday and she went and played in the play area, without us, and it was full of older kids that we don't know - making tons of noise, I might add.

My mom thinks that the potty training is giving her confidence. I think it's either that, or she hit some big developemental milestone over the last few weeks.

She's been doing lots of other new stuff too. In addition to being "mommy" to her baby doll and pretend cooking, she is also into making us take pretend naps on the guest bed, asking for the "ark" song, naming and playing along with the characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (her favorite show right now), taking her baby doll with us on errands (we haven't had a toy yet that had to go everywhere), dancing up a storm, playing her piano/xylophone, repeating words over a dozen times, and generally keeping Kevin and me very entertained.