Sunday, August 10, 2008

Other updates

I mentioned that I had more to update you on during our anniversary post, so here it goes...

As of October 1st, Kevin will be looking for a new job. His line of business is being eliminated so Kevin is being laid off (with about 5,000 other people nationwide).

Being laid off sounds pretty negative, but we really are taking this whole thing in stride. Yes, it stinks to be forced to get a new job when he would have been perfectly happy to retire there twenty some years from now. But, we are thankful that Kevin's internal job changes over the past two years have had him one step ahead of two other lay offs. We are also thankful that the layoff was just in time for Kevin to be part of an "enhanced" severance package set up to protect Kevin and other employees like him when the merger happened almost two years ago. We also feel that being in Houston will give Kevin many more options for employment than if we were still in Bryan/College Station.

Kevin will still be employed until October 1st. He can't begin new employment until then or he would forfeit his severance. I probably shouldn't put any details about severance on a public forum, but let's just say the Lord is providing. If Kevin can find a comparable salary soon, there are lots of things we could do with that money.

I guess I should also mention a few things about baby two since some of you type A personalities are freaking out for us... a new baby and no job... what? We will be fully insured to have the baby, so no worries there. We are also finding humor in the fact that we transferred to Houston and had the stress of moving when Caroline was born, and now that baby number two is on the way, Kevin is laid off. Kevin told me that if it is in his power, he won't change jobs when we have baby three : ) Actually, we see this baby as a blessing and encouragement to help carry us through this time. We really believe the Lord plans it that way for us.

I know this is getting to be a long, boring post now, but here are the things you can pray about for us.

- Since they are no longer taking new loans, but just processing what little is left in the pipeline, Kevin's workdays have gotten very boring. Believe it or not, he comes home looking more worn out from not having anything to do all day than when he was his busiest. (I know, you are playing a sad song for him on your violin.) Pray for his idle time to be well used.

- It's starting to hit Kevin that he has to go look for a new job. He's feeling a little bummed about the process ahead. Pray for attitude.

- Pray that God will show us a clear answer when we find the right job.

- Pray specifically that we'll have an answer in October. I think I'll probably start freaking out if we haven't had any leads by November. Pray for my faith to be strong.

- Pray that financially we'll be wise during this time and that Kevin's new job will provide what we need in the future.

- Pray that I'll say the right things to encourage Kevin and not say things that would bring him down.

We've gotten several leads from friends that we are biding our time on pursuing. Feel free to e-mail or leave comments if you have any employment suggestions. Kevin is planning on leaving the mortgage industry for now (it's just too unpredictable). He is most interested in the reporting and Excel stuff he worked on in his management position, but will be searching for jobs in all areas.


Sarah said...

We will be praying for you!

Carrie said...

Wow...that's a lot to pray for! lol. Maybe I'll just pray that God make you two stronger during these times, and that should take care of all of it. :-)

Sucks that he is being laid off - but nice that at least he is getting "warned" and a severance package - that is VERY lucky in these times.

I am sure he will find something GREAT! I know he has a good work ethic, and any employer will appreciate that.

I'll let you know if I hear of anything!

Andrea said...

((((hugs)))) and prayers. Your requested prayer items list is nearly identical to what I've been praying for me and Tim over the past several weeks since his recent loss of employment. I hope you guys get something lined up soon enough so you don't have to worry.

Kelly Mc said...

Indeed, I second Carrie. And I have full faith that you all have everything in place to successfully get through this time. :)