Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doctor, doctor, doctor

Well, today was filled with appointments.

First, my 12 week checkup went great. We got to see the baby, but didn't get any print outs - sorry grandmas. It wasn't that great a picture anyway. I think I'm spoiled by the nice machine that my College Station OB had.

Then, since we were in and out of my 9 am OB appt in under 15 minutes - whoo hoo!! I took advantage of having Kevin with me to go get my blood drawn. Another in and out in 15 minutes.

Finally, I had to take Caroline to the pediatrician. She had a 103.9 temp at 4 am this morning. It was an hour long ordeal including a strep test, urine sample, and drawing blood (from her thumb). Oh, and news flash - Caroline has never needed a band aid, so a band aid at the end of the poke is no consolation. She wanted me to take it off right away, but I made her keep it on until we got home.

Oh, and can I just whine that her pediatrician's office is in the professional building of North Cypress Hospital and I had to stroll her in the rain from the far lot. It's such a pain!! I guess I need to make myself a cash stash so I have tip for the "free valet" the next time it's raining.


Sarah said...

Do you guys go to Dr. Ramsey?

Emma Days said...

Who is your pedi? And you are right, keep a couple of dollars in your glove box, because valet is a life-saver with a sick little one!!! (Though usually my car is so messy and I am too embarrassed to valet! haha.)

Congrats on Baby! :)

Boudreaux said...

Congrats on the new little one. So exciting.

So how is Caroline doing now?