Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little problem solver

Caroline did something cute today...

We were playing with her Little People Rollercoaster, which has a three seat Teacup ride. I asked her to get the mommy to put in the ride. She got the mommy, then the daddy, and then the grandpa. Then she started searching for the grandma. But of course, it's a three seat ride and she had four people. My little problem solver proceeded to remove a rider and replace it with the spare person... about ten times. I don't know if she thought eventually she'd get them all to fit, or what. It was cute watching those little gears turning.

Another cute thing that I keep forgetting to mention...

Caroline says "bless you." We've never prompted her. Just one day last week when one of us sneezed, she said it. She even did it when I sneezed in the car. You don't even have to be in eye sight, and she'll bless you. Kevin sneezed in the kitchen while she and I were playing in the living room and she said it.